The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, National Unity Government
Federal Net Campaign Announcement

Federal Net Campaign Announcement

November 30, 2023


The Federal Net Campaign is being conducted as a pilot project under the leadership of the National Unity government’s Ministry of Communications, Information and Technology, with the cooperation of international fundraisers, to provide Internet services in five strategic areas where access to internet is extremely difficult. The campaign was launched on November 20, 2023. The campaign period will last for one month until December 19, 2023.

The main purpose of the Federal Net Campaign is to support education, health and humanitarian aid for the ethnic people, to increase the momentum of Spring Revolution through the technological aspect of communications, ability to disseminate information quickly, rigorous security risk management and robust governance mechanisms.

The Internet is an essential requirement in roles such as revolutionary comrades and all civilians can connect with each other, ensuring that there is no interruption in communications and information security in people’s resistance war because the momentum of the revolution is gaining and battles for capturing enemy’s strongholds and cities are being happened.

Internet communication is a major requirement to know the code of conduct and prohibitions issued by the relevant revolutionary governing groups not to endanger the lives of the people during the fighting. This is why the Federal Net Campaign was created to meet such needs.

This campaign is also being launched in order to stop the military dictatorship, protect the lives of valuable revolutionary heroes and the civilians, and provide a safe and secure communication network.

Therefore, with the slogan “Fast connection for victory, Federal Net Internet (Network),” civilians are urged to help and participate in the campaign to connect to the Internet in various regions.







Federal Net Campaign